by Matthew Fowler

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This album was recorded in the middle of my family’s kitchen with close friends. Through trial, error, and patience, this effort encompasses songs written at the age of fourteen years old, to songs written just a few weeks ago at the age of nineteen. With no experience in recording or mixing, we learned as we went, spent nothing, and emerged with a set of songs we were proud of, a set of songs that felt organic, a set of songs that felt like home.

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Management by Steve Foxbury -
PR by Missing Piece Group.


released 25 March 2014


Matthew Fowler - Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica/Piano.
Tana Prado - Vocals/Piano.
Adeline Prado - Vocals.
Kyle Miller - Stand-Up Bass.
Sam Coplin - Trumpet/Melodica.
Micaiah Reid - Trumpet.

Artwork by Cara Rose Clifton.
Mixed by Matthew Fowler, Austin Miller, and Clayton Arrighi.
Mastered by Chris Bell at Silent Home Records.
Recorded in the kitchen.



all rights reserved


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Matthew Fowler Orlando, Florida

"At 19 years old, Fowler shows the same mastery of earnest, strummy songcraft as established artists like Damien Rice and Ben Howard." - American Songwriter Magazine


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Track Name: Leaving Home/Open Road
Arizona in the snow
and the feeling of being free.
Into the canyon I did go,
with some friends so dear to me,
with some friends so dear to me.

I fell in love with open road.
It felt so honest, it felt so true.
So please try to understand,
what you hear is who I am,
what you hear is who I am.

I will rise,
I will fall,
I will run,
and I will crawl.
But I will sing
through it all
with you.
Track Name: Leaving Home/Telephone Calls
And I already feel so weary,
but I don't know what that means.
And the life we choose starts forming
on the edge of seventeen,
on the edge of seventeen.

When I hear a song on the radio
I want to raise my voice up loud,
and when I hear you speak on the telephone,
I know what I'm singing about.
I know what I'm singing about .

And it's just three more days until I see you.
But that feels like weeks to me.
And I can see you in my head now,
while I'm swimming in your sea.
I hope you're swimming there with me.
I hope you're swimming there with me.

And I have never felt this way before.
And I have never felt this strong
And every fiber in my being knows that we belong.
It knows that that we belong.
Yes it knows,
Yes it knows,
that we belong.
Track Name: Come Be With Me
You never say Jesus.
You're hard to explain.
The innocence is easy,
and your beauty remains.

Attention is difficult,
you're spread on the map.
And I fight for your presence
but you rarely look back.

Come be with me,
come all alone.
Release yourself,
give in to hope.

so you pray to your angels,
to keep in good health.
You're always so worried,
but you're an angel yourself.

So I look through your cover.
You've got your own way.
You're n eagle, an eagle with sparrows,
and to this, I would say:

Don't pass this chance
to be with me.
I'll sing for you,
please dance with me.

Come be with me,
come be with me.
Oh I'll sing for you,
so please, dance with me.
Track Name: Near
When I awake, I look to where you are.
The sun is where there used to be the stars.
When you're near you're still too far.
When you're near you're still too far.

There's a burning inside me,
but I don't know what it is.
And I can see it in my dreams,
and I can feel it in our kiss.

Please tell me what it is.
Please tell me what it is.

But I feel better when I sing,
Like I can do most anything.
And you can heal my open wound
when you hum along my tunes.
Track Name: Beginners
When you are young and loves a dream
of floating through a forest tenderly,
and there are branches along the way
that sometimes make us go astray.
But you know that it's the truth
when I say that I love you.
And I could never tell a lie.
We are beginners, you and I.

You came inside and slammed the door.
You stole my food just for a taste.
That time you said it wasn't worth it to you,
I stayed with arms around your waist.
Although I'm scared we're way too young,
we could never say we're done.
And tears of love and pain we'll cry,
we are beginners, you and I.
Track Name: Don't Change
Started a trend,
worked 'till the end,
now it's all over
and starting again.

It's never been easy,
you changed who you'd been.
You needed some friendship
and you got too many hands.

Don't change so much.
Don't change so much.

You don't understand,
you promised to stay.
They gave you their friendship
and you went away.

And now you don't like me,
I feel I've been framed.
things would be different
if they never came.

Don't change so much.
Don't change so much.
Don't change so much.
Don't change so much.
Track Name: Alive
Wrap me in a blanket
and send me down the river.
At first you'll see good tidings,
but bad news I'll deliver.

I started taking all my thoughts
and turning them to song.
But al that I can think about sometimes
is what I do that's wrong.
What do I do so wrong?

But I remember, I'm alive.
I remember, I'm alive.

So wrap me in a blanket,
and send me to the ocean.
With every life a flame is born
but sometimes I feel frozen.

And all I want to sing about
is how I'm so in love.
But all that I can think about sometimes
is how can someone trust me,
how can someone trust me?

But I remember, I'm alive.
I remember, I'm alive.
I remember, I'm alive.
I remember.
Track Name: Blankets
I can't wait to leave this place
but all I do is settle down.
A man cannot be heard behind a closed door,
hes got to take his words to town.

When I was young I fell in love
and I've been falling ever since
with a way to speak my mind,
with broken English
and crooked rhymes.

Like lovers loving underneath the blankets,
and late night talks with father drenched in wine,
I ache to venture out and join to circus
of people learning how to feel alive.

So I am thankful to the poets
who gave me ways to feel inside.
The frames of reference, songs of passion,
to never run and to never hide.

And it has been a long time coming,
but a change is here.
The reasons all have run away,
there's nothing left to fear.

I walk into the corner of the station
and take the train that offers me a ride.
I know that this is only the beginning
of a journey that will stay with me for life.
It's a journey that will stay with me for life.
It will stay
with me.
Track Name: Smoke
The rain is here,
don't want to go.
I love the fire
but I hate the smoke.

You're talking too fast,
I can't comprehend.
There's a stranger in my bed,
am I supposed to be his friend?

So just stay away
I don't want you here.
I can't even look at you
'cause your face, it is full of sin.

I'm walking away,
don't grab my hand.
I don't expect you to

Death takes us all.
For most that is the end.
But I've been through hell tonight
and salvation did not win.

So the rain is here,
and I don't want to go.
I love the fire
but I hate the smoke.